Our story


It was born thanks to the good soul of far-sighted dreamers, with the aim of turning back to the origins, breeding Pezzata Rossa cows and producing organic cheeses, in total respect of Nature.

Fell at home in the peaceful Friuli countryside, walk through the narrow streets of Borgnano, a small rural village where the memory of big and busy cities is far away, walk in the middle of an avenue of green trees and find your inner peace...

This beautiful experience leads to the Zoff Farm, a small and peaceful corner of the world. This is the place where you can find the real respect for Nature, animals, seasons and local food. For several years, the Zoff family has been breeding Pezzate Rosse cows and, in the last years, we are specialized in organic certified dairy products and cheeses. 

The yellow cheese paste, rich in flavor, gives aromas of hay and freshly cut grass. The tasty caciotte, embellished with organic herbs and flowers, remind of those meadows that have not known any pollution out there. Our plain yoghurt, our fresh raw organic milk and our ice creams, they all have the true and genuine taste of the raw material. 

In recent years, the organic company Zoff has committed itself to maintaining a circular production for human and animal sustenance and well-being: it produces fodder for animals strictly from hay and herbs, compost for the fields, cheeses and dairy products, fine organic meats. 

Today the dream of being a low environmental impact farm 

has come true.

We have chosen a 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging.
In line with our philosophy, we want to sensitize our customers to collaborate with our choice. All of our bio - trays can be thrown in the waste collection or they can be washed and have a second life in the kitchen cupboard to store leftover pasta, seeds and cereals.